San Antonio Dental District Society

Remembering San Antonio Dental District Society Gala 2015

Video Transcript:

I want to congratulate Roger for being the next president of the San Antonio District Dental Society.

Thank you, James. Thank you, everyone. I want to thank the staff that is serving everyone here tonight. It's a wonderful night and I thank the service of serving us, they went to the trouble of putting a podium so I'm going to go use it.

In 10 minutes were going to start dancing so don't worry. (crowd laughs)

I would like to begin by thanking everyone in attendance tonight, it is truly an honor for me to stand here before you as your next president of the San Antonio District Dental Society, and to see the gathering of so many people for a common good is quite remarkable. 

There are so many people in this room that have contributed and are so special in my success and I certainly have encountered many obstacles but before I go any further I would like to begin by recognizing my wonderful wife Carmen who truly understands what mentoring is to me.

( crowd applauds)

We brought the rest of my family and the rest of my staff we have to go to the Alamodome,  and Esther and Robert, Lourdes, and Providence high school way to go, Albert

 Whenever I see Esther I think of my good friend and colleague Dr. Holland.

July 13, 1988, it was a tough time but hey I'm here,  and my staff is here my wonderful staff  and my hygienist and my office managers who come every morning and they always come in and I tell them that we're here to change the world so we come in with that attitude and that's what makes us special, and makes it fun

Thank you to my other office manager and her husband Ronnie thank you so much for being here since the beginning also my friends from the class of 89 Pam where are you? Thank you for your notes I would've never made it and Arnold thank you guys, every one of you special thanks to this board and all of you who have served. I know how difficult it is to be a volunteer, especially when you have responsibilities of children and parents just remember that every moment that you have contributed has made an impact on  students and the mission of our society our sponsors and I thank you again once again I'll remember that phone call from Dr. Calverley where he truly in just a few short seconds allowed me to reflect once again on the many things that have been important to me just like when Dr. Valdez called me 10 years ago with the Hispanic Dental Association.

I began mentoring students so many years ago young graduates and I was so proud of my graduation from the University of Texas at San Antonio I became involved with my college alumni Association where I began as a board member and I learned the challenges of being involved in organized alumni Association. I worked so hard becoming president with the intent to develop ideas on how to encourage alumni and prepare them for life beyond the University.

There were a lot of setbacks and there were accomplishments, but I realize it was important to work with our university foundation because it gave us the means to award scholarships and fund activities that our students and future alumni will remember. 

It is always a great joy to read a letter from a student informing you how much a contribution meant to his or her education so when Vic waited for my answer Dr. Calvary

 I thought about the role was playing and whether I was part of that setback or I was being involved in a manner that would benefit the profession and those involved in our profession but I realized that the only way to improve our profession with was to take part,  be more involved, and do my part to promote a quick profession that has meant so much to me our mission is to encourage improvement of the health of the public promote the art of science in dentistry to represent the interests of the profession and the public which we serve and our future members have the initiative and creativity and the motivation to accomplish so much more we now have a foundation and more with great mentors that will allow these accomplishments to take form and to begin a legacy of leadership and a path for success for next generations of dentist those who contribute to our profession provide something special something truly that is  truly important to what we did it is for this reason that I am so proud to be here representing our members of the San Antonio district dental Society I hope to share my experience in private practice with our young doctors and mentor our future dentist and continue to spread the importance of what this profession has meant to me there have been 25 presidents since my graduation and I have a genuine appreciation and respect for what they have done for me and our profession in the words of Ronald Reagan each generation goes further than the generation proceeding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation. I stand on the shoulders of those presidents before me and will continue their work with activities that I know have worked for me for example, we have a sports mouthguard project next week at Jackson high school we will seek volunteers for this project and similar projects and activities that will encourage our high school students predental students and dental students of our profession. I am proud to be with his young and exciting board staff and thank you for the hard work in organizing this.

 Linda, Paolo Romero, my director and Shannon and we look forward to a great year I would like to finish with  a proverb that I tell high school students every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up it knows  it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed  every morning the lines except it knows that it must run faster than the than the fastest gazelle or it will starve to death so it doesn't matter if you are a lion or a gazelle when the sun comes up you better be ready, so tomorrow this board will be running- so thank you so much once again  and before this lion runs away James we would like to give you an award for your hard work.  Jamie served as a great president- along of course with Meg, I learned so much from them and I'm truly proud to follow the footsteps and do everything we can for this great Association so thank you very much.